New FSU students connect through new Nole2Nole Peer Mentor Program


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Fall 2020 Peer Mentor Program

For new first-year students starting your journey with us in Fall 2020, we recognize connecting with FSU peers may be more difficult than normal. To ensure you all have access to peers who have experience learning in the remote and socially distanced environment, we are offering a peer mentorship opportunity called Nole2Nole. The program will help you feel like a part of the FSU community, even if you are not coming to campus in-person in the fall.

How to Join:

We are offering an opt-out opportunity for all incoming Fall first-year students not already participating in an engagement program. This is an especially great opportunity for out-of-state students and first-generation college students, but this opportunity is not exclusive to any groups or populations.

To join, complete the Interest & Matching survey by August 14th, 2020.

We will use this interest survey to pair you with a Nole2Nole guide and a group of peers with interests similar to your own. This is the best way to get the most from your Nole2Nole experience.

What to Expect:

You will be matched with a peer mentor based on your interests expressed in the Nole2Nole Interest & Matching Survey.

During the first half of the fall semester, you will have opportunities to interact with your Nole2Nole guide and other first-year students. You should expect:

  • Your Nole2Nole Guide reaching out by phone and email to connect with you at least once in the first two weeks of classes.

  • Weekly group virtual events with all the students in your Nole2Nole group – those you are matched with based on your interests. Virtual events will focus on how to connect with students and services at FSU, how to make the most of your FSU experience, and how to thrive academically in you first year.

  • Nole2Nole guides will make themselves available to you as an additional resource through midterms – ask them for assistance whenever you need it.

The Nole2Nole program is not tied to a class that requires enrollment there is no cost associated with participation. The program will ensure that you have structured opportunities to interact with FSU peers on a regular basis, hopefully building your initial networks even if you are away from campus.

Who are the Nole2Nole guides?

We are recruiting current or past peer mentors who have been formally trained on university policy and are well-versed in campus resources. We prepare guides to help students through their first several weeks at FSU, providing resources and involvement information. Nole2Nole guides will act as a resource and directory for new students, and able to share their experiences in the virtual FSU environment. They will be an extra point of contact for first-year students, ready and willing to answer any questions they may have and help point them in the right direction.

Interested in being a Nole2Nole guide? Contact Danielle Lewis at by August 14th, 2020.