Engage 100

What is Engage 100?

Engage 100 is an immersive program unique to Florida State University. We have designed courses that help you shape your success and flourish in your first year. Through Engage 100, you will meet other new students, connect with a peer mentor, explore your passions, and discover all that university life offers. Through small, mentor-guided 0 or 1 credit hour courses, you will learn in a supportive and creative environment sure to unlock your potential.

  • Make the most of your time at FSU
  • Meet friends with interests like your own
  • Learn to navigate campus and key resources
  • Dive into social and academic opportunities aligned with your goals
  • Shape your success in college and beyond

Find your people, explore your passions, and shape your success through Engage 100


Who should enroll in an Engage 100?

Engage 100 is an immersive program unique to FSU and designed just for first-year students. Through Engage 100, you have the power to meet great people, explore your passions, and see all that university life offers.

Every new first-year student must enroll in an Engage 100 course during their first Summer B or Fall term, or their first Spring term for students admitted through Seminole Pathways.

Choose Your Experience

Before attending Orientation, take time to explore all of our approved opportunities with the link below! Identify your top choices to discuss with an academic advisor during Orientation. If you have any questions or would like guidance please email us at ugs-engage@fsu.edu

Our list of Engage 100 courses is live to reflect currently approved programs. We approve new programs throughout the year, so the list may change from time to time.