Engage 100


What is Engage 100?

Engage 100 is an exciting, immersive program unique to Florida State University. We have designed fascinating experiences to help you shape your success and flourish in your first year. Through Engage, you have the power from the first semester to meet great people, explore your passions and see all that university life offers. Through small, mentor-guided 0 or 1 hour courses, you will learn in a supportive and creative environment sure to unlock your potential.

  • Make the most of your time at FSU
  • Meet friends with interests like your own
  • Have a smooth, interesting first semester
  • Dive into social and academic opportunities aligned with your goals
  • Shape your success in college and beyond

Find your people, explore your passions, and shape your success through Engage 100


Who should enroll in an Engage 100?

Engage 100 will help ease your transition to a large university, so all new first-year students at FSU will choose an Engage 100 experience before or during Orientation, regardless of how much credit you bring to FSU.

We want you to Shape Your Success; the question is – which Engage 100 will you choose?

Choose Your Experience

What is your passion? What gets you going? Enroll in an Engage 100 course that sparks your interest and aligns with your goals. Ask your advisor which would be best for you when you meet with them during Orientation – we want you to make the most of your FSU experience!